R e p r o n i s     P u b l i s h e r s


theme: © Jaroslav Kubík
written by: © Štěpán Neuwirth
photography: © Jaroslav Kubík
photography: © Lenka Kubíková - photo page 10


"... We knew she will be rushed in a minute… Then the ambulance arrived... The colleagues put a very young girl on a special standby bed… she was so frail, so beautiful ..."

              In most cases a skilled doctor is able to recognize the seriousness of harmed or ill patient´s condition. At first sight I knew it is- bad. "

              She was run over by Jeep at zebra crossing. In full speed he hit the chromium buffer into this soft girl –almost a child. In her twenties she was just starting her life, with her beauty and softness she should endow a man who would deserve it. She should have her children, look after her parents before they go old…

              "Maybe in the only minute – and it really was not any longer- I tried to look at this girl with eyes of a sad person who is very sorry that someone, who does not deserve it, is dying. – And I knew that in fact she is dead. However, the only thing I wanted was to save this girl ...

              Even today I can remember how rude I was to the whole team which knew as well as me that there is no help, that she was dead in that moment she was brought. We resuscitated immediately, a long time, … did more than the medical rules have prescribed.

I did not want her to die. So much, so very much I was sorry about this girl. We tried, fought heart and soul, did the possible and impossible, direct heart massage, but we lost her ...

After it had finished I left and kicked the door and walls. Then I was squatting in the corner and crying – for a long time. The night came, I was sitting already in the inspectional room cringed and exhausted, it was dark everywhere and there was emptiness inside me, so deep, human and burdensome. Then her family arrived. It was more than difficult to tell them that her daughter has died..."

( extract from the book)