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Jaroslav Kubik
art photographer
Prague - Montreal - Palma de Mallorca - Berlin - Perth - Bielsko-Biala - New York - Paris - Moscow - Tokio - Auckland

Jaroslav Kubík - výtvarný fotograf

As a professional I should use:
"Never say never"
But I use "No for ever" sometimes ...

...and do not cooperate with people who pat your shoulder according to your account amount´

I used to do anything in my life. From production and moderating a radio programme, two years´ experience abroad, to working for an air company. I have learnt to fly and flying is a real drug. I used to live a peaceful life but there were also moments when my closest friends put away their masks to show me their true faces.

Photography which has been intertwining my life has given me the opportunity to uncover places where most of us have no chance to enter. Meeting admirable people but also people who cannot see even the tip of their nose.

Photography and destiny have created ´cosmopolitan homeless´ from me.

A wonderful group of models who are not sorry to spend their time and effort have gathered around my objective. Today they already come on their own with motives of future pieces and in studios somewhere in central Europe or in Mediterranean Islands (but not all cases) we try to create photographs which would be used in interiors, advertisements or other ideas after at least one hundred years. They will not be only the parts of photo-documents of that time, content of ephemeral front-pages with dull model faces or content of dusty archives where nobody browses.

At last, the photos you have to evaluate yourselves. You can see these web pages where you find many celebrities who were sitting in front of the camera not to present something, but as people, or you can visit some expositions anywhere on this blue planet. Eventually we can cooperate on some project of your art, advertising or other photography.

Jaroslav Kubík

In 2004 Jaroslav Kubík is integrated into Czech Almanac of Personalities.

A Man and A Woman in a Town Hall

daily Nová Svoboda 11th October 2000

.......Kubík has been already taking photographs for many years so he has a strong,
explicit view, he concentrates on creating composed cycles and anthologies based
on intimately considered stories.

Martin Smékal – journalist, photographer, critic

Thank you all

who help me in my career of a photographer.
Although it is sometimes difficult, I endeavour to do my
work with honesty to leave some message from our period at the turn of the century
for the future.

I am looking forward to a worthwhile co-operation with all of you.